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From 1977 it works in the commercialization area
of plastic materials and chemical products

Our history

In 1977 two brothers, Franco and Benedetto Sabbatini, in those years engaged as salesman of medicines, realized that a new era was starting in the footwear area. The introduction of the molding of an innovative material to produce soles and the thermoplastic rubber, would be the new trend. This insight, born from a great power of observation and a good dose of bravery, has been changing into a real business project. Nowadays the activity is led by the second generation, Sabbatini Alberto and Damiani Leonardo, respectively founding partner’s son and nephew. Therefore, Sabbatini family is still present and operative into the company, guaranteeing the continuity in the management, conservation and pursuit of company’s philosophy, with a specific and continuous attention to quality and innovation.


Our past is our future. For 45 years we have been creating targeted products and solutions based on the specific needs of our customers.


Curiosity and ambition are part of our DNA, research is the constant engine of our actions.


Sustainability is the basis of our strategy. We have always adopted, already in the design phase, solutions capable of containing the environmental impact.

Application area

Application area

We commercialize a considerable variety of polypropylene compounds, technopolymers, thermoplastic elastomers and recycled polymers, and we never grow tired of finding solutions and progressive proposals.

Footwear area

Polymers and polyurethane formulation to realize heels and soles.

Paper area

Chemical products for all the activities relating to regional paper factory, from the paper production to its manufacturing in different applications.

Tanning area

Wide range of chemical specialties for the tanning area industries.

Automotive area

Plastic materials are used for internal and external applications, and it represented about 20% of the cars’ weight (from 100 to 150 kg/car). The three main fossilized plastic materials used in cars are propylene PP (32%), polyurethane PU (17%) and PVC (16%).

Electrical appliance area

Quality compounds for the main international manufacturers of electrical appliance area (Ariston Thermo Group, Indesit Company, Elica). Wide range of technical polymer compounds, from PP compound to TPE.

Electric area

Power tools application require high performance polymers to hold up high stress, extreme temperature and exposure to chemical substances in the domestic, professionals and industrials settings.

Our actions

We would like to be the reference point for all those looking for innovative and low environmental impact solution for plastic materials, chemical products and rubbers.

Today the top management of Fraben are working in synergy to guarantee a sustainable growth over the long term, always keeping in mind the union between innovation and environmental safeguard.

Our gaze is aimed at a future built on sustainable ideas, that can satisfy the increasing demand for plastic products with low environmental impact.

In recent years, to pursuit our goal we have been protagonists of important partnership with national and international important names: Huntsman, Eigenmann & Veronelli e Sirmax.





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